Dentist & Hygienist Pay

Worried about your Dentist pay? Look no further.

Dentist and Hygienist Payroll :

We take care of Dentist and Hygienist pay for all dental practices according to any type of contract. ASESA Solutions Ltd designs and generates “Pay Schedules” for each Dentist/Hygienist according to their pay run date. We will process all dentist expenses as per pre-existing agreements and provide them with a net pay at the end of each payroll period.

Our Dental subcontractors pay processing include:

  • processing gross pay as per NHS or private patients

  • calculating Dentist/Hygienist commissions payable

  • superannuation and other calculations

  • deducting lab invoices (as per agreed percentage)

  • any other additions or deductions (net or gross)

  • recording, paying or deducting any retention money

  • providing net amount payable to each Dentist & Hygienist

  • generating pay schedules and forwarding them to each Dentist/Hygienist on pay day