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Precision in Dentist & Hygienist Payroll 

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Precision in Dentist & Hygienist Payroll

Leave your concerns about Dentist pay in capable hands. At ASESA Solution Limited, we specialize in meticulous payroll services tailored for dental practices, addressing diverse contract types. Our approach involves crafting individual "Pay Schedules" for Dentists and Hygienists, aligning with their pay run dates. We diligently process all expenses based on pre-existing agreements, ensuring each professional receives a net pay at the end of every payroll period.

Our comprehensive Dental subcontractors pay processing covers various aspects, from calculating gross pay for NHS or private patients to determining commissions for Dentists and Hygienists. We handle superannuation and other intricate calculations, deduct lab invoices as per agreed percentages, and manage any additional deductions or additions, be they net or gross. From recording retention money to providing clear net amounts payable, our system guarantees accuracy. Trust ASESA for a streamlined process, generating pay schedules promptly and delivering them to each Dentist and Hygienist on their payday.

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Precision in Dentist & Hygienist Payroll

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